Carnival in Guadeloupe

Every year from January until Mid-Lent, come to live several weeks of bliss in Guadeloupe

and throughout its archipelago (Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, La Désirade) !

Far from everyday worries and winter blues, immerse into the carnival atmosphere and the turquoise waters at 82°F

 Not to forget Ti'punch at almost 100 proof (consume moderatly)

masques carnaval guadeloupe


Guadeloupe welcomes you to share its carnival

The colorful crowds invade the streets, rhythm is everywhere, not a place without music, smile is required. Carnival has taken possession of all localities.

Don't hesitate and join in !

You may participate, go beyond the mere spectator status. Many groups will be delighted to welcome the uninitiated among them.


Shrove Tuesday : February, 13
Mid Lent : March, 8

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femme carnaval guadeloupe

2 filles carnaval guadeloupe


fille bleue carnaval guadeloupe


filles rouge carnaval guadeloupe


musicien carnaval guadeloupe


fille 211 carnaval guadeloupe



in Guadeloupe,

a unique

enchantment !

filles 2010 carnaval guadeloupe




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